IDC Performance Team

Infuse Dance Company, LLC is excited to offer a performance dance team experience to students of the studio. 

Dance competitions can be a wonderful experience for dancers who strive to do their best. Dance is an art form and the evaluation of dance can be very subjective. While a High Score is nice to receive, it is not the main goal. We are striving to grow and stretch dancers, to improve technique, to experience performing for and being evaluated by a panel of experts, and to enjoy dancing for the sake of dance.

Competition Fees

  • With the performance team, your dancer will participate in an additional class where they will be able to increase their technique and skills with challenging choreography and have fun.
  • If your dancer participates in a Competition, fees range from $45-$100 per entry.  Conventions fees range from $150-$300. Conventions are where the students are able to take master classes from professional dancers and choreographers.
  • The IDC Competition Team consists of four teams: Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior. The team is only required to attend two team conventions per year and we target to attend nationals every other summer.


Performance Team Interest

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