In addition to monthly tuition, students must have appropriate dancewear and dance shoes.  There are also costs associated with every performance for production and costume fees.  Listed below are the fees you can expect for a year in dance.  Please review, so that you can plan for these expenses.

Tuition for 2019-2020 Season

  • Tuition is based on 9.5 months of class including holidays. August to May tuition is billed. Tuition is due by the tenth (10th) of the month. NSF Fee $35. All auto-drafted tuition will be charged to the card on file on the 10th. Should your card decline you will be charged a $35 NSF fee.


  • Monthly tuition is based on how many hours of class per week per dancer.


  • Registration Fee $50 per student. Registration Fees are non-refundable.


  • Sibling Discount

    • For every additional sibling is a cumulative 15% discount (15% for 1st sibling, 30% for 2nd sibling, etc.)

Tuition Structure

30 min - 1 hr  -  $70

Up to 1.5 hr  -  $85

UP TO 2 hrs  -  $95

UP TO 2.5 hrs  -  $105

UP TO 3 hrs  -  $115

UP TO 3.5 hrs  -  $125

UP TO 4 hrs  -  $135

UP TO 4.5 hrs  -  $145

UP TO 5 hrs  -  $155

UP TO 5.5 Hrs  -  $165

UP TO 6 HRS  -  $175

Up to 6.5 HRS  -  $185

Up to 7 HRS  -  $195

Up to 8 HRS  - $200

Costume Fees

Costume fees are $80 per costume and $10 per tights and are due by November 15th. The fees will be posted to the accounts by October to allow for payments to be made. Due to the critical timing of ordering to have the costumes in on time, additional fees will be aded for late payments to cover the rush ordering. Costume fees paid after December 1st will be $95 and after December 15th each costume deposit will be $105.  If a costume is higher and extra funds needed to cover costume expenses after applying your costume fee, your account will be billed in January for the difference plus sales tax. Costume fees non-refundable after November 15th.  

Showcase Fees


  •  All students will participate in the showcase unless enrolled in a “Non-Showcase” class.

  • Showcase Bundle Fees (Processed in two payments)

$170 - 1st Student (total) 
$120 - Each Additional Student (total)

Showcase Bundle Breakdown

  • 2 Tickets [per student]

  • Memory Book [per family]

  • DVD [per family]

  • Finale T-Shirt [per student]

  • All accounts must be paid in full to receive your showcase package and for your student to dance in the showcase.

Competition Fees

Infuse offers a performance team for 1st grade to 12th grade students.. Your dancer will audition to be a member of the performance team.

  • With the performance team, your dancer will participate in an additional class where they will be able to increase their technique and skills with challenging choreography and have fun.

  • If your dancer participates in a Competition, fees range from $45-$100 per entry. Conventions fees range from $300-$400. Conventions are where the students are able to take master classes from professional dancers and choreographers.

  • The IDC Competition Team consists of four teams: Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior. The team is only required to attend two team conventions per year and we target to attend nationals every other summer.

IDC Payment Schedule

IDC standard payment is through automatic charge or bank draft. This schedule shows when the payments will be automatically posted and processed for your account. Fees are first posted to the account with the month it is due to allow the customer to review the charge. It is not paid until the charge is processed to the method you have chosen in your account. All accounts are required to have a credit card or draft account on file. If you want to pay in a different method, that is acceptable but will have to be paid through the office before the process date.

Any fees automatically processed or paid before the due date through the office or the online portal will not have a late fee.   Click the button below to see a charge and payment schedule